Eating Healthy while Travelling this Summer

Healthy Eating while Travelling this Summer
It’s that time of year again for most of us.

The sun is shining. School is out for the summer and it’s holiday season. It’s time to take a break, kick back, and enjoy time with family and friends wherever they may be.

For most of us, travelling is exciting. It means getting away, relaxing, and taking the time to recharge. However, for others, even the thought of travelling can be terrifying. Eating the wrong foods away from home and having to deal with the unpleasant and sometimes dangerous side effects it brings may discourage these people from venturing away from home in the first place.

Read this week’s blog post to discover my top 9 travel tips to help you maintain healthy eating habits while having fun on vacation this summer, and learn how to avoid the feelings of heaviness, bloat, and fatigue that typically comes with travel.

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