What is Holistic Nutrition?

Many people are curious and confused about what holistic nutrition is all about. Let me take a moment to help you understand the field and how whole foods can benefit everyone - including you!

Holistic nutrition is a natural approach to health that recognizes the mind, body, and spirit connection. It’s focus is on the entire individual, and uses an evidence-based approach to nutrition on order to bring balance to all areas of a person’s life using dietary, supplement, and lifestyle modalities. 

Something that I call Life Affirming.
— Kelly Aiello

An approach founded in holistic nutrition focuses on whole, nutrient-dense foods that can be delivered through a variety of modalities, including Paleo, Ketogenic, plant-based, low-FODMAP, etcetera. It is the simple idea that the use of everyday foods and proper eating habits can improve your overall health and nourish the trillions of cells which comprise your body.

The food you put into your body affects much more than just your level of hunger. Holistic eating focuses on selecting foods and forming eating habits that enhance your personal level of health, wellness, and happiness.

Holistic nutrition believes that the properties of natural nutrients found in whole foods can best be summarized using the simple words: natural, alive, and good quality. 

Natural Alive Good Quality

Natural Alive Good Quality

Good quality refers to food grown in soil rich with essential nutrients such as organically grown foods (pesticide-free and grown without synthetic fertilizers).

Natural refers to unprocessed, unrefined foods, that have not been chemically altered, such as those derived from plants and animals.

Alive refers to food containing live enzymes, such as fruits, vegetables and sprouts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          




How Can a Holistic Nutritionist Help?

Holistic nutritionists are health professionals trained in natural nutrition whose main focus is to educate and empower individuals about the benefits and health impacts of optimal nutrition. We work with clients to identify nutritional causes of disease and any nutrient deficiencies that may have developed over the years, then support the body’s return to optimal functioning.  

We start by evaluating the complete health history, emotional status, lifestyle habits and current dietary habits of the individual to determine the root cause of any health issues. Using proper nutrition and the understanding that each person is biochemically unique, we design personalized diet and lifestyle programs to optimize overall health using nutrient dense whole foods, natural supplementation, and lifestyle recommendations.

The field of Holistic Nutrition is a self-regulated industry in which practitioners follow a strict code of ethics and abide by an industry-regulated scope of practice to ensure all practitioners are held to the highest standards. Backed by education gained through various courses and experience working on individual case studies, Holistic Nutritional Consultant professionals, or Holistic Nutritionists, support their clients’ wellbeing and assist health care providers in dealing with many aspects involved in a client’s health.

Due to our level of knowledge, Holistic Nutritionists are valuable contributors to the health care industry and work alongside medical professionals such as chiropractors, naturopaths, homeopaths, and medical doctors, covering natural nutrition relevant to each stage of life.

How Can I Help You?

I work with people and progressive organizations to help them understand the impact different foods in their diet are having on their overall health and teach them how to make better nutritional choices.

My job is to give people the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to choose the right foods for their body in order to achieve optimal health and happiness. 

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I can help if you or a loved one struggles with an illness, health condition or problem you would like to better manage more naturally. 

Areas which I specialize in are: 

  • Neuronutrition

  • Blood sugar imbalances (Diabetes, Pre-diabetes)

  • Weight Management

  • Digestive Issues

  • Hormone Imbalances

  • Endocrine Disorders (Thyroid)

  • Celiac Disease (Gluten Intolerance)

  • Family & Pre/Post Natal Nutrition

Become Whole Food Optimized and keep your lights on.

I can also help if: 

  • You have already taken steps toward improved health and want assistance fine tuning your program

  • You want to improve mental function, cognition, or performance

  • You’re interested in a cleanse or detox program

  • You're interesting in aging gracefully

  • You’ve been struggling with infertility

  • You would like to learn how to stock a healthful pantry or what foods to look for and avoid at the grocery store

  • You’d like ideas on healthier whole food options for you and your family

  • You need help breaking up with junk food and/or sugar

  • You want to feel more confident and love the body you're in

  • You want to improve your overall health and vitality

  • You’d like meal plans delivered to your inbox weekly - all delicious and in line with your personal eating style that is supportive of your health goals

Other Services Provided

Small Group Classes  & Workshops

I host local classes and workshops in the Kamloops, BC area for people interested in learning more about how to live a healthier, happier life through better nutrition. I also host webinars to give people all over the country access to the kinds of tips, tricks, and strategies needed to harness the power of holistic nutrition in their lives.

One-on-One Coaching

I work with you one-on-one to help you develop a personalized nutrition plan and to overcome obstacles to living a life where food is a vehicle to health and wellness. I offer this coaching in person if you are in the Kamloops, BC area, or through the Internet if you are located anywhere in the country. I use a secure platform with video-conferencing and private chat capabilities, so you can rest assured that your personal and health information is kept strictly confidential and help is only a moment away.

Meal Planning Services

Two different meal planning services are available, based on your budget and needs. Choose from a Custom 7-Day Meal Plan designed specifically for you based on your current health goals, concerns, food sensitivities, and preferences. Or choose from one of many Condition-Specific 7-Day Meal Plans founded on best dietary practices for a specific health condition. Either way, you can take the guesswork out of knowing which foods are right for you and get started on your road to success today!

Corporate Health & Wellness 

I work with progressive and conscientious organizations that want to create a culture of HappiHumans. I offer a variety of different corporate classes and training sessions that help employees discover how making different nutritional choices can impact their health, energy levels, productivity, and happiness. Progressive organizations now understand that health, engagement and productivity are strongly linked. By being proactive and investing in the total health and wellbeing of their employees, these organizations are realizing fewer paid sick days, less burn-out, and increased productivity from their employees.

Free Holistic Nutrition Newsletter

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Blog and Archives

You can also read our blog or browse our constantly growing archives of nutritional information and tips. This is a great place to start if you are new to the idea of holistic nutrition and eating whole foods.

My commitment as a Holistic Nutritionist to You

  • As a former high school math teacher turned Holistic Nutritionist, I have taken it upon myself to ensure that each one of my clients is advancing and achieving their goals.

  • I will help you overcome the obstacles you will undoubtably face, and help make your journey to optimal health as painless as possible.

  • I use a natural whole food-based approach to nutrition, delivered in the modality best suited for you and your lifestyle.

  • I strive to educate and empower my clients on best eating practices for them now with a sustainable eye on the future.

Let me help you discover the necessary tools to improve your health, unlock your hidden potential, and discover your better healthier, and happier self. 

Are You Thinking of becoming a Holistic Nutritionist? 

Some of the topics of study involved include:

  • Fundamentals of Nutrition

  • Symptoms of Disease

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Preventative Nutrition

  • Pathology of Disease

  • The Body-Mind-Spirit Connection

  • Fundamentals of Business

  • Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Cellular Biology

  • Paediatric, Sports, and Lifecycle Nutrition

  • Allergies

  • Nutrition and the Environment

  • Alternative Diets

  • Nutritional Literature Research

As you can see, the professional training Holistic Nutritionists receive include a detailed study of proper nutrition and the ways different foods and food compounds affect the human body. We study a wide range of topics related to the health and wellness of individuals across many disciplines, and only receive certification upon the successful passing of a strenuous board exam.

Give me a call! I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have or help along your journey.