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Review Me

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This involves a single follow-up session to be done after your initial assessment. It will allow us to review your progress, milestones, and challenges to fine-tune your plan in order to better suit your changing dietary and lifestyle needs.

  • $95 investment for 60 minutes
  • $55 for 30 minutes - the “Brief Review”


Each plan includes:

  • sound nutritional advice, food suggestions, recipes and reference material as applicable
  • supplement and lifestyle recommendations
  • email support between sessions
Review Me:
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I use a secure and confidential on-line portal that allows me to interact with my clients locally in person or clear across the country through a video-conference. This helps take the hassle out of complicating your busy life with cumbersome paperwork, playing phone tag, or trying to make it to my office in the middle of a busy day.

From any connected device, my clients can easily share content, complete forms, sign waivers, ask me a question, chat with me, or we can video-conference. All this is done through a private one-on-one portal that is uncompromising in its security, and best of all, it’s easy to use.

Why is all of this important? 

#1 Time. My clients no longer need to handle loose papers, or sort through their email inbox. Their personal and medical information is available in one secure location, and at a glance. Clients have their own personal homepage where they have access to additional features such as food and lifestyle journals, supplement recommendations, and more. 

#2 Visibility (creates accountability). Together we’ll track your progress and fine-tune a protocol that indicates the what, how, when and why. My clients no longer need to guess or try to remember what was discussed in their last session, as session notes and assigned tasks are visible to them any time.   You’re not alone in this