The Initial Assessment

Become Whole Food Optimized!

Your journey to improved health starts with your initial assessment. If you have questions over a current health concern, you don’t feel well and want to feel to better, are interested in preventing an illness, or want to look and feel your very best to become a HappiHuman, I'm here to help! 

Your first step starts by completing a comprehensive nutritional survey I send you. Then we will engage in a 60-90 minute initial assessment consultation to review the results. I will consider your current diet, lifestyle, emotional state, and sleeping patterns, to uncover the hidden reasons behind your health issues. With your priorities, goals, and any obstacles you face in mind, together, we will come up with a personalized program to help you launch into wellness and reach your health and wellness goals.

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This one-time investment of $135 will launch your journey to improved health so you can learn what genuine health feels like as you strive to reach your highest potential!

Your initial assessment consultation is an in-depth nutrition and lifestyle analysis which includes a review of:

  • A summary of results, recommendations and relevant nutritional advice emailed to you

  • Advice on therapeutic or functional foods best suited to your needs/goals

  • Foods to avoid for your health concerns

  • Helpful tips and tricks to help you start your journey and stay on track

  • Recipes and reference materials as applicable

  • Access to chat and ask questions of me as you work to implement your plan

  • Personal goals and desired outcomes

  • Personal and family health history

  • Food and eating behaviours

  • Exercise patterns

  • Stress, sleep, and coping strategies

  • Medications and safe supplementation

  • Strategies to improve health and wellness