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What is the Custom Plan?

The Custom plan is designed specifically for you with your individual needs and goals in mind. It takes into account the nutrients you need to fuel a specific health concern while making adaptations for food sensitivities and preferences. Bottom line: it is tailored to your needs. 

If you struggle to find recipes you can make that suit your lifestyle, needs, and preferences, then HappiHuman’s customized meal planning service is perfect for you!

Meal Plan:
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Who is the Custom Plan Designed for?

This plan is perfect if you have:

  • Food allergies or sensitivities 

  • Food preferences

  • Difficulty finding recipes with ingredients you can eat

  • Specific health concerns you’d like to make sure you are getting the proper nutrients for

  • A small or large family - as recipes will be scaled to serve 1 or 10, based on your needs

What do you get?

  • Every Thursday, your meal plan for the following week will arrive in your inbox

  • Each plan uses only real food ingredients that are easy to find

  • All recipes are free of gluten and refined sugar

  • All recipes are free of foods you are sensitive to or may be allergic to

  • Recipes are designed to be easy to prepare, delicious, and nutritious

  • Meal plans can be plant-based upon request

  • All plans will include:  

    • A meal plan outlining what meals to prepare when

    • Printer-friendly recipes for the week

    • Suggestions on when to eat leftovers to save time and money

    • A shopping guide you can print and bring to the grocery store with you