Sugar Feeds Cancer

This timely article confirms how detrimental sugar can be to our health, and includes the fact sugar has been directly linked to feeding aggressive cancer cells.

To further follow-up on yesterday's article "Confessions of a Sugar Addict (Part 1)", it's great to see things are moving in the right direction - US products will now be required to list added sugars to the ingredients on their products (hopefully Canada will soon follow suit). Technology will help us stay informed, as well. The app mentioned in this article can help you detect how much sugar is in the food you eat. Though this app seems a bit cumbersome and may not be the most user friendly, as my technologist husband says, you can't stop technology!

If you would like help eliminating sugar from your life, its not too late to join my Jumpstart to Get Happi Sugar Detox starting November 1.  


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