Does your Pet eat better than you?

Does your Pet eat better than you?

kelly and berkeley

“Quality Primal Freeze-dried Formula.”

“Beef raised without antibiotics or added hormones.”

“Naturally derived vitamins & minerals.”

“Grain, gluten, corn, wheat & soy free.”

Sounds good, right? You bet it does! 

But would you be surprised to know that these were the exact words and phrases used on a package of my dog’s food???

Food designed for a King (or Queen)

The other day I picked up the package from a sample of dog food we received. I glanced at it as I was about to bestow the food upon my beloved four-legged companion. 

It touted itself as all natural, quality, organic ingredients with meat derived from animals not treated with hormones or antibiotics. In fact, the ingredient list read like a page from a health food store advertisement.

Natural. Whole foods. Organic. Human grade. 

It struck me in that moment that many humans fail to eat this well.

Here is the actual ingredient list: Beef livers. Beef hearts. Organic kale. Organic carrots. Organic yams. Organic broccoli. Organic apples. Blueberries. Organic parsley. Organic apple cider vinegar. Salmon oil. Organic coconut oil. Organic quinoa sprouted powder… the list went on.

Was this the ingredient list for dog food? Or what may appear on the plate of royalty?

Perhaps both.


We take such care and attention to feed our beloved pets only the best food to ensure they get the nutrients needed to live long healthy lives.

We walk them, so they get the exercise they need to stay young, fit, and healthy. 

We dote on them and nurture them, so they feel loved, safe, and wanted. 

When they are sad or sick, we pamper them even more, providing the support, warmth, and comfort they need to heal. 

We do so much for our pets, every single day.


It’s simple. We love them, and they’re worth it.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we did the same for ourselves and each other?
— Kelly

Our First (Alleged) Dog


Years ago, eight to be exact, my husband and I committed to getting a dog. Neither of us had ever had a dog - ever. But we had both always wanted one.

When we decided we’d welcome a pup into our family, it became a huge deal. Like everything else in our lives, we did not want to jump into getting just any dog. We wanted to get the right dog for us.

We researched different breeds along with their temperaments and sizes. We wanted a dog that was highly social so we could bring him with us wherever we went, including when we travelled. We wanted a friendly dog that was not too small or too big. Our dog needed to be active and enjoy hiking but not too hyper, as I envisioned him laying at my feet as I worked.

Yes, our criteria list may have been a little long, but eventually, after months of research, we settled on a breed - that of an Olde English Bulldogge. I should also point out that now we know better. One does not simply acquire a dog. Rather, the dog acquires a human.

When we finally found “the one,” our Berkeley, my husband and I fully committed to treating him well. After all, he is a bulldog.

We were well aware that bulldogs commonly suffer from hip problems and breathing difficulties. In fact, when chatting with a vet we met on the street one day, he teased, “Do you know what vets call a bulldog?…Job security!” 

Though we both loved the squishy faces of bulldogs, we did not love the potential health problems and corresponding vet bills. So in doing our research we discovered the “Olde English Bulldogge” breed - the original breed of bulldog that’s a little taller, a little less wrinkly, and healthier. 

So we dove right in and brought Berkeley into our lives. From day one, we were hooked! He was cute, friendly, and perfect for us. We were in love! And what do we do for the ones we love? 

We treat them right. For us, part of that meant providing only quality food for Berkeley. We opted to pay a bit more for higher quality pet food up-front, in an effort to pay less for vet bills later on. 

This strategy has seemed to pay off. He’s been healthy his whole life, with only one knee surgery to his name (as a result of his nonstop running and jumping  - or ‘bulldog craziness’ if you will).

Though he may not have been the quiet, lazy dog we had hoped for, he was certainly the dog we needed. 

He’s friendly and travels well, enjoying time spent with us wherever we go. He’s active and encourages me to get out and walk with him each morning, regardless of the weather. And when Joe became ill, Berkeley was his ultimate couch companion: Dr. Berkeley.

Yes, we absolutely love our boy and wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world.

This is why the decision to feed him only the best food became an easy choice. 

We also call Berkeley an “alleged” dog because he is so expressive and communicative in his silence. He enjoys all the good things in life, just like we do. He sits up like a person and jumps up on benches or chairs to sit next to us. He expresses his needs and wants clearly, and knows what he likes and dislikes - case in point: he will devour salmon but spit out peas. Oh, and he uses a pillow just like we do.

Take a Hint From Your Dog

It’s no wonder why we love our pets. They provide daily joy, laughter, love, entertainment, and companionship.

Because we love them, it’s easy to choose only the best food and wholesome treats for our dogs. We avoid feeding them artificial ingredients because we know dogs are not meant to eat such things. In the wild, they would eat meat, not corn, wheat, or soy, so we feed them meat. After all, we love our dogs and want them to live long, happy, healthy lives.

But why don’t we do this for ourselves? Shouldn’t we only eat whole foods and natural ingredients?

Don’t we want to live long, happy, healthy lives, too? 


We may want to take another hint from our dogs and follow some of their rules for a happy life. Rest when you’re tired. Remain loyal. Love everyone around you. Smile so the world smiles back. Exercise daily. Get ample fresh air. Take pleasure in simple things.

When pets are fed the best of food, when they get ample exercise, when they are loved unconditionally, they are healthy, trim, and live well.

We may pay a bit more for higher quality pet food up-front, but do so in an effort to pay less for vet bills later on. This ends up being the same for us. We may pay a little more for quality organic foods and grass-fed meats up-front. But when we do, we will likely spend less on medications and health care costs in the future.

So if you think your dog eats better than you, I challenge you to take a moment and ask yourself why. 

When our pets are well taken care of and fed properly, they will live long, healthy, happy lives. Shouldn’t we want the same for ourselves?

As always, I value your feedback and would love to know what you think. Contact me if you’d like to start eating better than your dog. After all, he loves you and wants you to be around for a long time!

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