One Small Change Can Make a BIG Difference!

Looking for a tip to become a healthier HappierHuman? Not interested in spending money? Want to start being better to your body today?

I have the solution! It may sound simplistic and we’ve heard it thousands of times, but how many of us actually do it?

I’m talking about drinking more water! We all know we should, but often don’t even consider it when reaching for a beverage.


Aside from the obvious reasons that our bodies are comprised mainly of water and it’s vital to life, why else should we choose water?

Here are some interesting facts about water you may not know:

  • Water actually helps with our body’s detoxification system. It flushes toxins, foreign debris, and dead/damaged cells from our system, and we could all use an efficient clean-up crew!

  • Water aids thermogenesis, and can increase our metabolic rate1, to a greater extent if it’s warm or room temperature - good news if we are looking to shed some unwanted pounds!

  • Drinking water can also help us eat fewer calories. It tricks us into thinking we are full - so when you’re hungry and want to take your mind off food, drink a glass to temporarily fill the void (especially helpful if you are trying to lose weight. You can also try drinking water before a meal - it will fill your stomach before you eat so you may actually eat less.

  • When we sweat or urinate, we are actually eliminating water from our system. So on a hot day or when you exercise and feel that moisture on your skin, drink up!

  • Water also helps maintain healthy bowel function by keeping the colon hydrated. Without enough water flowing through your colon, you may experience hard or dry stool that’s difficult to pass - and no one wants to have to deal with that!

So now that you are armed with this information about the power of water, what should you do about it?

Make a conscious effort to drink pure water each day. “Pure” water should come from a good filtration system or natural spring-water source, free of chemicals like chlorine and fluoride (which may actually increase our toxin load). You should also avoid tap water, as it may contain contaminants like lead or hormone disrupting substances like xenoestrogens or xenobiotics.

Now that I’ve reminded you of the benefits of drinking water, how much should you drink?

The jury is out on exactly how much water one should drink, as there are many variables at play - the temperature, your activity level, age, health, etc., besides we do receive water from the food we eat and other beverages we drink. As such, there’s generally no need to worry about becoming dehydrated - unless you’re running a marathon or spending the day in the hot sun. But I do recommend consciously opting for pure water instead of that can of soda or bottle of sugary fruit juice. Making that switch just once per day can have a profound effect on your health - not to mention reducing the number of calories consumed while maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

Okay, now that I’ve convinced you to trade your can of soda in for a glass of water (I hope), When should you drink it?

A good general rule of thumb is to drink some water after every time you urinate to replenish lost stores, or drink when you feel thirsty. Other than that, any time is a good time for water - just don’t drink too much with meals.

Need more ideas?

  • Start your day with one glass of water to get that first one out of the way (for added adrenal support, add a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt)

  • Buy a nice refillable BPA-free water bottle and keep it with you throughout the day

  • Set a reminder alert on your phone or computer to go off each hour, then take a quick water break when it does!


TIP: Add a few cucumber slices, chunks of watermelon, or your favourite fruit to your glass. Better still, throw in a lemon wedge. Not only will lemon add a burst of flavour, but it has the added benefit of helping the liver with detoxification. Not only will you stay well hydrated, but your liver will thank you for the help!
— Kelly

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