Why Detox: Part 2

When Your Detox is Over: Transitioning to a Healthier Diet


Now that you should have a better understanding of what a detox is, who benefits and signs it’s time for a detox, lets dive into How you come off one, Natural Foods that cleanse the liver every day, and actionable steps you can take to keep you eating clean.

If you need a refresher on why you may want to detox, see Part 1 of my Why Detox? Series.


Six things to remember when doing a Detox:

  1. Be gentle on yourself

  2. Practice self-love

  3. Take the time to relax - read a book, sit outside, soak in a warm bath, go for a refreshing stroll

  4. Get extra sleep

  5. Drink plenty of water - it will help flush the toxins out

  6. Listen to your body

When you cleanse your body from the inside out, you are doing something wonderful for yourself! So keep reminding yourself of the good that you are doing and enjoy this time. Relish in the fact that your body is a beautiful and amazing creation!

Yes, you may experience some unpleasant symptoms during your detox as your body releases stored toxins all at once. But a little acne, fatigue, moodiness, gas/bloating, or headaches are healthy signs that your detox is actually working.

                                              When to Stop a Detox 

Seven days is usually more than enough for me.

Seven days is usually more than enough for me.

Unfortunately, and for various reasons, sometimes we may get nauseous or feel very sick while attempting a detox.

This is not a good sign, but a red flag that you should stop. It may mean that you are too sick, the detox you chose is too radical of a change, or that your body is too toxic and may need some additional work before trying again.

The timeline may be slightly different for everyone. A lot is dependant on how “toxic” your body actually is. Because I practice intermittent fasting on a regular basis, eat organic quality foods, avoid sugar, additives and preservatives, and use mostly natural healthcare products, my body doesn’t need to detox for prolonged periods. Seven days is usually more than enough for me.   

I also know when it’s time to stop a detox by listening to the cues my body provides. Since adopting healthier eating habits, I have also become much more in-tune with my body and understand what it’s trying to tell me. These messages usually include extreme yearnings for food and unrelenting fatigue or general weakness.

How do you come off a detox? Transitioning to a Healthier Diet

The kind of detox program you went through will make a difference in figuring how to transition back to eating “normally.” 

If you did a strict water fast or only consumed juices or broth, your first day back into the real food world may include homemade soups and broths, lightly steamed vegetables, and easy-to-digest foods or smoothies. 

Over the next day or two you can try adding in some fresh fruit and/or some poultry or fish. After that, you can resume eating regular meals, including quality red meat if you choose to do so.

Regardless of what you did to detox, I never recommend resuming a Standard American Diet.

In fact, this transitional time is your best opportunity to make lasting positive changes.

After cleaning up your diet for a period of time during your detox, you may have revitalized health, improved energy, better sleep habits, and a general sense of well-being. The last you will want is to undo any positive changes you just worked so hard to attain! 

Take advantage of your revitalized health and continue some of the healthier practices you did while on the detox to keep yourself eating clean. Your body will thank you for it.

7 Actionable Steps to Keep You Eating Clean

  1. Avoid Processed Foods: Stay away from cakes, cookies, pastries, fried foods, and the fast food window! These highly processed (non)foods are loaded with omega 6 fatty acids and trans fats that cause inflammation and have been linked to many chronic diseases.

  2. Stick to Whole Foods: Fresh fruits, vegetables, and quality meats… any food that grows in the ground or lives on it is the best way to nourish our bodies. When you eat whole foods (food without labels) you know you are doing something good for your health and overall well-being. Besides, the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids, and carotenoids that whole foods contain are beneficial to our body’s natural detoxification system.

  3. Continue Drinking more Water: Pure water is the best choice when reaching for a beverage. It aids our body’s detoxification systems, increases our metabolic rate, and keeps our bodies and bowels hydrated. You can read more about the benefits of water in my recent blog post.

  4. Ditch White Flour Forever: Enriched white flour has been highly processed and stripped of all nutrients. The components added back in to ‘enrich’ it are toxic, and our bodies cannot absorb the resulting product. If this isn’t bad enough, when we eat white flour, our body converts the starch into pure sugar! The resulting blood sugar highs and lows contribute to obesity, blood sugar imbalances, and moodiness. Whole sprouted grains or gluten-free flours are much better alternatives.

  5. Observe the 80/20 Rule: I know life can get hectic and busy. Some days its hard (or even impossible) to plan out and cook a wholesome meal. Other days, we should be able to treat ourselves with a small indulgence. After all, we should experience the pleasures in life some times. If you have the odd cheat day or night on the town, enjoy it. Accept it for what it is. Don’t beat yourself up for eating something you think you shouldn’t. And always remember that tomorrow is a new day!

  6. Obtain Healthy Sources of Fat: Since you are abstaining from processed food (hopefully) which results in eating fewer carbs, your body needs appropriate fuel. Healthy sources of Omega 3 fatty acids are the best source of this and can be found in abundance in salmon, herring, anchovies, tuna, avocados, walnuts, and eggs. These foods can reduce inflammation and lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, so eat up!

  7. Just say ‘no’ to soda: Sugary soda is something we know we should avoid, but it may be even more harmful than we originally thought. Not only has the regular consumption of soda been linked to chronic health problems such as diabetes, asthma, COPD and obesity, but the BPA that lines soda cans adds to its dangers. This endocrine disruptor has been connected to reproductive problems, heart disease, obesity and many other health problems. Think diet soda may be a better option? Think again. The aspartame in diet soda can cause memory loss, dizziness, headaches, behavioural changes, and even cancer.


This is not to say you can never eat your favourite foods again! But hopefully, by practicing these clean-eating rules, you will have improved energy and focus, and feel so much better overall, that you stop and think before slipping back into your old ways.

Not quite ready for a complete detox or a drastic overhaul to your diet yet? No problem! 

Check out my list of natural foods you can add to your plate any time if you think your liver needs a little love. Or better still, commit to adding at least one of these liver-friendly foods to your day every day.


Top 9 Natural Foods to Detoxify Your Liver

Remember a detox is not a forever thing!

Remember a detox is not a forever thing!

  1. Lemon - an antioxidant that can reduce inflammation and boost metabolism

  2. Beets - aid digestion and cleanse the liver

  3. Garlic and Onions - the sulphur components in them bind to and remove heavy metals

  4. Artichoke leaf - protects the liver from toxin damage

  5. Leafy Greens - chlorophyll-rich to promote detoxification of the liver

  6. Carrots - loaded with carotenoids, boost the immune system and sow the aging process

  7. Asparagus - eliminates toxins from the liver

  8. Apples - rich in pectin, help the liver detoxify heavy metals

  9. Pineapple - reduces inflammation

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