The Autistic Brain & Autism Awareness: 2019

The Autistic Brain & Autism Awareness: 2019

Are you the parent of a child with ASD? 

If so, you know the challenges, hardships, and heartbreak that comes with such a diagnosis. 

Your child’s future is uncertain. Your future is uncertain. And the present poses many challenges. Having your child wander away from safety is a major concern of many - with almost half of autistic children known to bolt or wander away.

April is Autism Awareness Month - a time to raise awareness about the disorder for those who know little about it in an effort to increase acceptance, and time to band together as one community to provide support for those who live with it and its devastation daily.

This week’s post is all about autism - how autism affects the brain, what science has to say about it, and what nutritional changes you can make to hopefully see a difference.

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